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About Gatso


For the past 50 years, Gatso engineers, scientists, and photographic experts -- innovators all -- have been working diligently to create the world's most sophisticated traffic enforcement systems.

Being the industry leader is in our company's DNA. Our founder, Maurice Gatsonides, a champion rally driver, won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1953.

Maurice, who knew a bit about speed, later invented the "Gatsometer", the world's first reliable speed-measuring device. Since then, Gatso has grown from a small family business to become the international leader.

Half a century of innovation and hard work have paid off -- for the hundreds of countries, states, counties, and cities that have chosen Gatso to provide their traffic enforcement systems. As you read ahead, you'll see why Gatso has been chosen to supply and implement camera systems in more countries than any other company.

Leadership Team


Andrew Noble
President and Co-Founder



Andrew Noble

Mr. Noble joined the Gatsometer team in 2005 as an exclusive consultant to its U.S. traffic photo enforcement business, working with distribution partners. With a clear vision to a direct market strategy, Mr. Noble introduced the new business model to the Gatsometer executive team in the Netherlands and in 2007 Gatso USA was launched.

With over twelve years of law enforcement technology management success, Mr. Noble drives the business direction of Gatso USA making it one of the leading full service solutions providers in the North American market.

Prior to Gatso, Mr. Noble led the Global Sales Development team of General Electric (GE) Infrastructure Security in Wilmington, MA. In this role, Mr. Noble provided narcotics and explosives detection technology products, which were primarily utilized by government security sectors, and transitioned them into detection techniques for new markets through business development efforts and key OEM relationships. Leading up to this role, Mr. Noble had been the Director of International Sales for GE Security, responsible for sales operations and managing channel partners in over 50 countries, including; South America, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Noble earned his degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Stevenage College, Hertfordshire, England in 1984 and continued his education with Open University, also in the UK, where he completed a two-year accelerated program for business management.



Rich Kosina
Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder

Rich Kosina

Mr. Kosina is Chief Technical Officer and co-founder for Gatso USA, responsible for all technical aspects of implementing automated enforcement programs throughout the U.S.

Mr. Kosina’s department encompasses all aspects of engineering design, construction and installation of the technologies included within the Gatso USA programs, including ongoing preventative maintenance and continuous monitoring of previously installed equipment across the country to maximize citation yields.

Prior to joining Gatso USA, Mr. Kosina spent ten years as Director of Engineering with Affiliated Computer Services (ACS, Inc) and its predecessors Lockheed Martin and USPT. In this role Mr. Kosina led the management effort behind more than five hundred photo-enforcement systems.

Prior to entering the automated enforcement field, Mr. Kosina was National Service Manager for Nikon Camera, based in New York and has 32 years of experience in both electronic and photographic service management with degrees in both electronics engineering and business management.



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