Less than 1% False Triggers

Gatso Police K-band antenna

Unlike laser and video detection systems, a radar-based detector as used by Gatso is not affected by changes in ambient light or weather. Rain, snow and fog can falsely trigger video loops and bend and deteriorate laser beams. No matter when the violation occurs; day or night, summer or winter, dry or wet; the system accuracy of the Gatso solution remains exactly the same.

The RT2 radar antenna beam will travel across 4 lanes of traffic and operates in the police K band of 24 GHz.

12-bits provides an image 16 times more powerful

GT20 Camera

In simple terms – using the 12-bit power of the imaging CCD inside the Gatso GT20 camera allows us to look at 4096 slices of the same photograph from completely black to completely white, whereas an 8-bit camera used by our competitors can only give you 256 slices of the same image. The GT20 camera provides a total of 68.7 billion colors and delivers significantly better images, resulting in license plate recognition even under poor lighting conditions.