The Gatso Speed Databar Explained

The Gatso databar provides absolute data elements relating to the violation. It is critical that the data, like the violation image, is digitally signed when created. Gatso cameras create the databar at the exact time the photo is taken. In that same instance, the databar is fused to the photo. The real-time fusion of the violation data to the violation image ensures an inviolate chain of evidence and eliminates the possibility of incorrect, tainted or manipulated evidence.

Note: This exclusive, customizable functionality ensures that the event video can be used as PRIMA FACIE evidence to supplement the still images and detection metrics from the event record. This feature does not go unnoticed in the courtroom.

“Unique Identifier” which ties images, video and metrics to a single event
Image 1 capture time – to thousandth of a second
Offense Type = Speed
Violation metrics – measured speed, image capture after detection, and event variables