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Corporate Policy

Gatso USA Corporate Policy

Integrity is the keystone to the corporate values of Gatso USA. All managers play a critical role in fostering business integrity in the workplace by developing, promoting, and leading a culture of integrity in their teams.

Gatso USA looks to its employees, suppliers, and partners to be the stewards of Gatso’s good name and reputation, and to act decisively if they become aware of possibly unlawful or unethical conduct, or suspect there has been a violation of Gatso’s business conduct and workplace policies.

Gatso USA provides communications channels for employees, suppliers, partners, and others to report concerns or suspected violations to the company. These reporting channels include mechanisms for submitting anonymous reports.

Gatso does not tolerate threats or acts of retaliation against any employee for reporting a concern or suspected violation. Any reported concern or suspected violation will be reviewed and investigated, if appropriate. Findings of misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment or business relationship.

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