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Railroad Crossings


The force of a 30-car freight train hitting your car is equal to the force of your car hitting an aluminum soda can.” GATSO will work with experts in your community to set-up and implement effective railway crossing cameras that will improve safety and rail road crossing compliance.


What's It All About?

  • The camera, located before the railroad safety barriers, takes highly detailed color still images as the vehicle illegally crosses the railroad tracks while the warning lights are flashing.

  • Live-streaming video and archived video of the entire railroad crossing provides supplemental evidence of a crossing violation. Archived video also displays pedestrian violations and acts of vandalism.

  • If requested, front-facing cameras can capture still images of facial details for driver liability.

  • The entire system is completely non-invasive to railroad infrastructure.

  • Each set of violation images includes precise timing details of the violation as compared to the railroad barrier activation time.

The Gatso Difference: Accuracy & Credibility

  • No matter which violation metric we're measuring, Gatso measures it more accurately than any other company.  tech details

  • With less than 1% false trigger rate and the ability to take high resolution color pictures regardless of weather and lighting conditions, the Gatso solution delivers more violations than anyone else.  tech details

  • The Gatso solution delivers the highest levels of image and data protection to guarantee a secure chain of evidence at all times. From violation to citation.  Learn about the Gatso Databar

  • 50 years of delivering purpose-built photo enforcement credibility, driving integrity into more than 45,000 cameras delivered to more than 60 countries. Whatever your red-light-running problem looks like, Gatso gets the whole picture.  Go to Gatso history

What's the Next Step?

  • Contact Gatso for a FREE evaluation of how automated traffic photo enforcement would work in your community, and how it can make your roads safer

  • Participate in our next scheduled This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on red-light-running programs

  • Read more about our programs and case studies of other cities programs


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