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Speed Enforcement Solutions


IIHS Study

According to the IIHS, in 2011, a total of 9,944 deaths, or nearly onethird of all motor vehicle fatalities, occurred in speed-related crashes. Speed enforcement cameras, like the T-Series from Gatso, can save lives.


The T-Series camera takes highly detailed still images and video of vehicles violating the posted speed limit.

Violations are captured regardless of whether the vehicle is approaching the speed camera or receding from it and only one camera is required to enforce multiple lanes of traffic.

Speed on green Over-the-road enforcement Mobile speed vehicles
Each set of violation images contains a databar which details true speed as the vehicle passes the camera and also provides important details such as the location of the camera, posted speed limit, and time of day – details which help yield solid evidence for court challenges.

Databar in Detail

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Image #1

Image #2

Plate Crop

The violating vehicle entering image frame

Here, the violating vehicle is advanced in image frame, indicating movement

The violating vehicle’s license plate, zoomed and cropped.



The T-Series camera platform was designed specifically for traffic enforcement, period. Some solutions make use of off-the-shelf cameras from Nikon or Canon, for example, but with almost 60 years of serious enforcement experience – purpose-built is the only answer for Gatso.


The Importance of Lens and Shutter Technology for Speed Enforcement

The Global Shutter

Image capturing is done utilizing an electronic global shutter as opposed to, for example, a rolling shutter.

This technology leads to a minimum deformation of the image captured. The electronic shutter in combination with the extremely light-sensitive sensor also reduces the motion blur.

Lens Technology

Lenses utilized by the T-Series camera platform are of the highest quality – they are sharp from edge to edge and extremely fast. The electronic global shutter speed is programmed >.001 second, which easily freezes motion of the fastest speeding vehicle. Most other vendors’ cameras use outdated mechanical shutters not designed for the high-volume, high-stress work of 24/7 photo enforcement. Over time, mechanical shutters begin to wear and the cameras can become prone to missing violations.

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