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Cedar Rapids, IA partners with GATSO USA for their Comprehensive Photo Enforcement Program

Gatso USA Press Release

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Daytona opts for red-light cameras

Daytona Beach News Journal

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New cameras to ticket drivers at busy intersections

Libertyville Review, Libertyville, IL

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Strong start to Gatso's new safety camera program in Cedar Rapids, IA

KGAN-TV, Cedar Rapids IA

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Cedar Rapids Police Reveal Red Light Camera Locations

KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids IA

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Clean Break

Amsterdam City Council has chosen to move away from manual enforcement of its environmental zone, which is intended to keep highly polluting goods vehicles out of the city center.

ITS International, July/August 2009, pages 39-41.

Clean Break (PDF)

Palm Bay Red Light Runners, Beware

Drivers who disobey red traffic lights at certain intersections soon will be captured on video

Palm Bay Red Light Runners, Beware (PDF)

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